Thursday, February 7, 2013

Halliday Happenings!

It has been awhile since I have posted new pictures!  We have all been doing well and Luke is growing and changing everyday.  He is continually learning new words and experience new things.  Here are some pictures from the past month and fun things we have been doing.

 Luke, the poster child for Facebook, in the shirt Aunt Leslie got him for Christmas! 
(yes Leslie works for Facebook)

 Luke and his buddy Annalise at the zoo.

 Hannah and Luke at the park pushing around the stroller.

 Luke's friend's who live across the street had a birthday party at the fire station!  How much fun!

 Luke in his hat ready to go to see his friend.

Luke at the zoo.  He loves the giraffes.

My favorite videos... Luke can say his grandparents names!!

First was Mamie (Amy) and Pops (Craig) then it was Grandpa (Louis) and ME (Merrill).  He will look at their pictures and talk about them all day!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Merry Christmas!

We had a great Christmas this year!  It was so much fun to see Luke so excited about his new toys and spending time with the family.  This year we traveled to Roswell to visit family for a few days and then come back home for Christmas day!

Here are a few pictures from Christmas:)

Family picture, I love these two!

 We went to the Georgia Aquarium while we were visiting the family.  Luke and Aunt Caroline...

 Fishes... wow!

 Driving the boat:)
 So much fun!

 This little boy LOVES his trains!

 The Halliday family
 Luke in his John Deere pjs his great grandmom gave him for Christmas.

 Luke and his best friend Annalise at the Christmas eve service.

 I would love to know what is going through Luke's head at this moment...

 Matt and Laura at the aquarium.

 His tricycle he got for Christmas.

 Loves his kitchen and cooking with daddy.

 The Kennedy family.

 Thomas and friends... I told you he loves his trains.

Luke and Aunt Leslie

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Halliday Happenings!

I haven't posted some pictures in a long time but here are some Halliday happenings from this fall and winter.

 Luke helping daddy carve a pumpkin.  It actually ended up with daddy doing the whole thing Luke was not very interested.

 Halloween Party!

 Close up shot of Luke in the Halloween group photo.

 Mommy and Luke as the Incredibles!  Daddy was also dressed up but he was still at work but we were the Incredibles for Halloween.

 Thanksgiving with Uncle Evan.

 Thanksgiving with Mamie.

 Thanksgiving with Pops.

 Luke with Mommy and daddy after Daddy finished golf and we were waiting to have dinner with the grandparents.

 Luke with ME (I promise he loves all his grandparents, he just hates the camera).

 Kisses for Grandpa.

 Helping daddy with the Christmas tree lights.

 He loves to see pictures of Santa and say "HO HO".

 Hanging up his ornament we got him last year for his first Christmas.

 Mommy and Luke getting ready to decorate the Christmas tree.

 We took Luke to the Bass Pro Shop to see Santa and while we were there he rode the carousal.

 Luke with Santa, no tears this year!

 Daddy and Luke on the carousal.

 Caleb's 3rd birthday party was a John Deere tractor party.  Luke fit right in with his John Deere shirt.  Here is on the tractor ride.

 Luke driving the tractor and holding the toy tractor.  

 My sweet Alabama boy!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Clemson Football

We were able to go to another Clemson football game this season.  We saw Clemson play Virgina Tech and Clemson won!  Go Tigers!

 Luke with his grandparents at the game.

 Luke at the game...

 Watching the game with daddy.

 Luke and daddy with the tiger statue.

 Precious boy!

 We were able to get onto the field on Sunday.  Family picture at Howard's rock.

 Running down the hill where the football players run!


 Touchdown Luke!

 Family picture (its hard to get Luke to look at the camera and get a "normal" picture)
Group picture at the rock.